How to Deal With Past Emotional Baggage So It Doesn’t Ruin Your Present Relationship

How do you deal with past emotional baggage so it doesn’t ruin your present relationship? Here are five essential steps you must take:

1. Identify your issues. You can’t deal with something, if you don’t know what it is. Analyze your childhood and other significant relationships. What has happened in each of those that have left you with hurts, wounds, and scars? What roles did you play in those relationships and what patterns can you identify that are reoccurring? Once you know how you have been impacted by prior relationships, you can see which issues have the potential to affect your current ones.

2. Identify your triggers. One of the hallmarks of past emotional baggage is that it is riddled with triggers. A trigger is something that reminds you of the past, thereby bringing up the old feelings, memories, and reactions. If your prior partner cheated on you, a trigger might be his talking to another woman at a party or walking away from you to talk on his cell. These triggers would cause you to feel distrustful and suspicious.

3. Identify your reactions. Once you recognize that you have triggers, you can then identify your reaction to them. What do you do when you feel distrustful, suspicious, neglected, pressured, controlled, or mistreated? Past baggage often results in emotional reactivity which is often an over-reaction to current circumstances. When you know how you react to things that trigger your past baggage, you can begin to change them.

4. Identify your reality. Even when you know you are reacting to the past, the feelings can be so intense that it can be hard to react differently. Force yourself to identify your current reality. Do you have evidence your current partner is unfaithful? If not, then recognize that truth. Use your mind to counter the thoughts and feelings that aren’t reality today.

5. Identify your new behavior. Once you have done all these things, you can then choose how you want to act. It is okay to share your feelings with your partner, as long as you own them as a part of your past that you are working through. This helps your partner to understand who you are without feeling that you are blaming or accusing. Choose how you want to act and do the necessary work on yourself until that behavior becomes your new normal.

Presenting Your Project With 3D Floor Plan and 3D Elevations

What is in a presentation?

Whether your client is someone buying a home to live in, or someone buying a home to sell, a presentation that can convey a lot of words on a single look is sure to make them say yes. As an architect, a presentation to the client can make or break you chance to get the project, so you might as well equip your presentation with enough advantages to make it hard to say no to. A presentation usually consists of the following:

  • Schemes – schemes are just sketches of the architect before coming up with the final design for the house. It contains the evolution of the design, how it came to be like the final design.

  • Floor Plans – these are the top view of the whole space in 2d, you can see the partitions that divide the rooms, and you can see the size of every room and sometimes even the floor finish of every space.

  • Elevations – In this stage, the outer look of the house is presented, but in 2D. You will be able to see how the house will look like in front, at the back, and at both sides.

  • Perspectives – This is where the real battle comes in, this usually comes as a rendered photorealistic presentation of the whole house with a realistic background where the client can really “see” what the outcome of the house will be.

What can I do to have an edge?

Since both Floor Plans and Elevations are usually done in 2D, to have an edge against other competitors, you can opt to present your plans and elevations in 3D. 3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations is a big plus when it comes to presenting a project. Would you rather have your client appreciate and understand the project only when the perspective is shown? Of course not, it helps to keep the client’s attention all throughout the presentation. If from the beginning of the presentation their attention is acquired and kept, there is a huge chance that they will say yes.

3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations

3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations are just like the traditional 2D floor plan and elevation, the only difference is, some of the points are extruded to make it seem alive, and then the rendering comes in, 3D Plans and 3D Elevations are also rendered just like the perspectives. Presenting with 3D materials can really do wonders to your project.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides

PowerPoint presentation slides are an essential approach for business presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides include different sorts of info in the form of words and images. It really is vital that you pay attention to how the slides look since they drastically influence the interest of the audience.

A crucial aspect to think about when producing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides is how to make use of the existing room effectively. A prevalent error among presenters is placing too much emphasis on the types of illustrations or photos and consequently taking for granted the arrangement of these photos to create a useful presentation. Every detail contained in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides should be connected to the presentation’s theme.

Be certain that all text and illustrations or photos do not distract the target audience from the message you wish to convey. The slides should be properly organized since this could influence the slideshow’s efficacy. A variety of presenters take advantage of features such as images as a way to develop a very good effect for viewers. On the other hand, it is vital that that the illustrations or photos are useful; otherwise, the attempt would probably turn out to be disappointing and superfluous. It is also key that the subject of the slideshow is conveyed clearly. In several instances, presenters apply excessive animation that distracts the crowd. Images must be intended to show up in the appropriate moment, especially when a crucial point is being emphasized by the presenter.

Transition of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides must be coherent, but not numerous. A presentation seems far more effectual when slide transitions are well accomplished. Additionally, it can make it easier for your crowd to concentrate on. As a way to correctly make use of custom made animation applications, one must opt for images which are in connection to the fundamental ideas in the PowerPoint presentation in general.

As soon as you begin to create Microsoft PowerPoint-presentation slides, you must take note of the target audience. This will make it much easier for you to generate a slide show that may gratify, and even go beyond, the audience’s expectation. Apply a text font that is uniform all throughout, readable, and appropriate. Avoid giving viewers a difficult time examining what’s in your PowerPoint presentation slides. The main objective of employing the Microsoft PowerPoint application is to lead and reinforce the presenter’s spoken words. Make use of a reasonable quantity slides that are also organized to keep the audience’s interest.