Presenting Your Project With 3D Floor Plan and 3D Elevations

What is in a presentation?

Whether your client is someone buying a home to live in, or someone buying a home to sell, a presentation that can convey a lot of words on a single look is sure to make them say yes. As an architect, a presentation to the client can make or break you chance to get the project, so you might as well equip your presentation with enough advantages to make it hard to say no to. A presentation usually consists of the following:

  • Schemes – schemes are just sketches of the architect before coming up with the final design for the house. It contains the evolution of the design, how it came to be like the final design.

  • Floor Plans – these are the top view of the whole space in 2d, you can see the partitions that divide the rooms, and you can see the size of every room and sometimes even the floor finish of every space.

  • Elevations – In this stage, the outer look of the house is presented, but in 2D. You will be able to see how the house will look like in front, at the back, and at both sides.

  • Perspectives – This is where the real battle comes in, this usually comes as a rendered photorealistic presentation of the whole house with a realistic background where the client can really “see” what the outcome of the house will be.

What can I do to have an edge?

Since both Floor Plans and Elevations are usually done in 2D, to have an edge against other competitors, you can opt to present your plans and elevations in 3D. 3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations is a big plus when it comes to presenting a project. Would you rather have your client appreciate and understand the project only when the perspective is shown? Of course not, it helps to keep the client’s attention all throughout the presentation. If from the beginning of the presentation their attention is acquired and kept, there is a huge chance that they will say yes.

3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations

3D Floor Plans and 3D Elevations are just like the traditional 2D floor plan and elevation, the only difference is, some of the points are extruded to make it seem alive, and then the rendering comes in, 3D Plans and 3D Elevations are also rendered just like the perspectives. Presenting with 3D materials can really do wonders to your project.