Christmas Presents, An Awesome Way To Say That You Love

Christmas presents are the best way to say that you love. There is a lot of planning going on when one is trying to finalize as to what gifts need to be bought, as this seems to be a really tough job. This can be felt this moment too when you are reading through this article as to how difficult it gets when it comes to selection and choices. When you are going through the stress of buying Christmas Presents, just know that you are not the only one, and you can find the right thing to buy when you are not thinking too much about what you want to buy, but let your mind wander on different conversations so you are able to track on things.

Buying Christmas Presents can be a real time fun. You can remember and think of different things that you have discussed with your spouse or loved ones that they have needed some time before and start jotting them down, this will give you an idea as to what were the different things that were being discussed from time to time. You do not have to jot them down all at one time but you can do them from time to time and do not write it on a piece of paper but should write it on a note pad so that the information stays intact.

This way you can determine as to what Christmas Presents you need to buy or at least will give you an idea. Another thing that you can do is that you should get some ideas from friends and family so that you are able to narrow down on certain options and along with that you can search on the shopping link of search engines, which will help you find a lot of different items in many different categories. Another interesting fact that you need to work on is that you should plan for Christmas Presents way before time, like in the early months of the year so that you are able to save the money according to the gifts and that you are not disappointed with the fact that you are unable to buy the gift because you are short of money. So Happy Christmas and Happy Buying.

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The Gift Wish List – How to Get Your Friends to Buy You Presents You Want

Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, we’ve all received gifts that we’d rather not have – from granny-style cardigans to last year’s wooden wedge heels. In fact, it’s likely that everyone has a mental wish list of gifts that that gets a little longer as the days go by – but how can you make that gift list shorter when people seem to insist on buying you presents that you don’t like? Never fear: with a little careful manoeuvring, you’ll be able to convince your friends and family to get you the gifts of your dreams without actually ever having to explicitly ask.

Firstly, never underestimate the power of dropping discreet hints into a conversation. For example, if you’re out shopping with your friends and you see a handbag or a piece of jewellery you like, make your feelings known. Then, next time you see them, remind them of how much you liked said handbag or jewellery and, if they’re paying attention, they’re sure to get the message. By the same token, if you’ve recently found a new shop or online store whose products you adore, tell your friends about it. The likelihood is that they’re visit the site or shop there themselves and, while buying new things for themselves, find something that you’ll love too.

Getting your family to buy you the ideal present could be a little tougher. If you’re married or have older children, enthusing about a particular dress that you “absolutely love but feel guilty about buying” could be the way to get your spouse and kids to take notice.

Your parents or your siblings, on the other hand, could prove problematic. After a lifetime of buying you gifts every year, they may be suffering from a lack of inspiration or simply relying on gift vouchers to make sure they’ve done their part. But next time they’re at your house, or you’re visiting theirs, try pointing out household and garden items that you’ve taken a particular shine to, and mention similar things that you’ve seen around the shops. If you’re lucky, you’ll get that designer deckchair or mahogany bookcase you’ve had your heart set on for months.

Of course, in order to expect amazing gifts, you need to be able to give them. It’s more than likely that if you give your friends and family the gifts you know they want, they’ll do the same for you. And if you’re really looking to set high standards, make sure you opt for a more unique approach to gift-buying. The vast number of specialist online retail stores means that you’ll be able to ditch traditional high street offerings and instead find personalised gifts that will suit your loved ones to a tee. Whether it’s a one-off jacket or a one-of-a-kind stationary set, personalised presents won’t just show people that you care but that you listen.

More sophisticated personalised gift sites even let you compile that secret mental gift wish list in material form – and allow you to make that public to your friends if you wish! This can be particularly handy around Christmas, when people find it hard to remember what their nearest and dearest want. It’s also a great way to give your partner a nudge in the right direction on Valentine’s Day.

But however you choose to go about getting the presents you want, remember that the direct approach might not always be the best approach – and that giving good presents will likely increase the quality of those you receive!

The Secret is NOT ‘The Secret’ at all – THE Secret is – ‘The Present’ – Read on

How do we achieve this state even whilst still functioning in the ‘real world’?

Simple (As are THE great truths of creation)-Occupy your Heart-mind.
Have you ever REALLY wondered just what is mean’t when you are in a meditation group & someone says: “Now, Centre-yourself”..Huh? What does that mean?
Well what they are really trying to say is: Occupy your heart-mind!!!!

Where IS the heart-mind?

Over 25 yrs of Natural therapy has led us to this greater truth that DIS-EASE = A DIS-CONTINUITY IN THE MEMORY THAT WE ARE DIVINE.
That is- The more we see ourselves as separate from Source, the more disease ensues.
So Glen, ‘What is it that separates us from the Divine?’ Simple; living in a space where the Divine is NOT.
Where is the Divine? You guessed it; In our Heart-mind!

What is the Heart mind?

As most of you know, reading these words, many of the great traditions esp. Yogic traditions recognise that our consciousness comprises at least 7 energy centres called chakras. From the Base to the Crown Chakras.
However, These 7 chakras comprise a hidden Trinity (Indeed the great truths of Man- ARE TRIUNE.) being- Each mind comprising 3 chakras:

Gut-Mind = Bottom 3 chakras

Heart-mind = Middle 3 chakras

Head-mind = Top 3 chakas.

These minds then overlap at the 3rd & 5th chakras.

Moreover, the:

Gut-mind represents the Past

Heart-mind represents the Present

Head-mind represents the Future.

Of course, many would say that the present is actually called the present because IT-IS-THE-PRESENT-FROM-THE-CREATOR-TO-US-TO-SPEND-MORE-TIME-IN.

So in truth the secret is NOT really ‘the secret’ at all! The real secret is THE PRESENT.

Now all this sounds really interesting, may be even profound. But how do we go about achieving this ‘Heart-mind’ state Glen?

The gift of life (variously called Chi, Prana, life-force, Vitality, Mana, Pneuma or Ki) is where it’s at.

What do I mean?

Well, claim more of your life force & you automatically claim more of your ‘god-force’. For indeed life IS a gift from the divine & the more we claim of it, the more we become ‘Divine-like’.
Now folks, I’m NOT getting off the heart-mind approach AT ALL. Indeed I’m just trying to widen it’s gambit.
Because we have observed that it-is-automatic, the more life-force you claim, the more your health grows, the more your heart-mind grows & hence the more your Connection with the Divine or ETERNAL-NOW grows.

Do you know you can grow more of your heart-mind via the humble act of eating simple Life force foods?
Did you know that people do NOT die with the excess of ‘death-power’ BUT the LACK of life force?
(Indeed, is the act of dying, ‘dis-honouring’ your life force?)
Did you know that a middle-age spread is actually a sign of a diminshment of your life force & hence a block to helping you occupy your heart mind?
Did you know you can then Honour your life force & Hence the Divine by choosing simple Life force foods?
Would you agree that if we are all ‘Children of God’, then when are we going to ‘grow-up’ & become co-creators ourselves? Indeed IF the creator is eternal, then so are we!

Therefore the simple act of eating becomes a sacred honouring of the divine!… This is NOT some flaky concept we are talking about here. These are real, concrete, simple daily measures you can take to CHOOSE LIFE.

So, we have discovered that you can mainly grow your Heart-mind when you can actually FEED-YOUR-LIFE-FORCE (By the foods that you choose)AS WELL as practice your various Meditative, Yogic, etc traditions!
For, in truth, these ancient practices ALSO buttress your life force too.

The Best Way To Present Live Worms While Fishing

Do you give any thought to the way that you present your live worms while fishing? Or do you just “thread” a worm onto a hook and call it good? You know, this is good and a few fish can be caught in this manner, hell “threading” a live worm onto a hook is supposed to be the way to fish with a worm, right? Well, in my humble opinion, no it’s not the way to fish with a worm. To me, fishing with live worms is as much an “art form” as any other type of angling has ever been purported to be, but it needs to be done properly. To me, fishing with live worms does not involve “threading” a worm onto a hook, like some sort of amateur.

Over twenty years ago my fishing mentor taught me the best way that I’ve ever seen to present live worms while fishing. I’ve been using this same method for over twenty years with great success. That method is called a set of gang hooks. What’s a set of gang hooks, you ask? Well, at set of gang hooks is simply a pair of small hooks (size 6, 8, or 10) tied in tandem, thus enabling live worms to be presented outstretched, the way God intended worms to look. Gang hooks are attached to your line with a small barrel swivel, to prevent line twist, and are weighted down using either egg sinkers (for bottom fishing in lakes) or split shot sinkers (for fishing in the flowing waters of rivers or streams).

Gang hooks can be tied yourself (with a little knot research) or they can be purchased tied and ready to fish, the choice is yours. Where you get them is of little importance. What’s important is that you give them a shot, and find out for yourself, that my fishing mentor was a genius and discovered the best way to present live worms while fishing. Once you use a set of gang hooks to present live worms just once, you’ll never again fish with live worms with just a single hook, I promise you.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country¬Ö..Montana!